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Self-contained note on three book projects

At the end of the year 2017 there are 3 publications about living concepts:


From a series of articles for a technical magazine between 2008 and 2012, the German translation is now available with original graphics and illustrations, in which the topic of Housing is discussed from different points of view (economy, technology, science, philosophy, etc.).


A conversation between Prof Dr Mackemsen and Prof Dr Pintsch resulted in a comparison of two research and teaching methods: the traditional one with quotations and references and the unconventional one, almost without references, which deliberately leaves the reader to look for the source and thus stimulates him to another form of activity.


From mosaic-like aspects to the system view between holistic, open and closed system, with the emphasis on the closed system.

In sketchy contributions, the complete range is discussed: the physical, earth-related to the far-off independent system and the psychic phenomenon of being self-contained for example in special diseases (amyottrophic lateral sclerosis).

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